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The Robinson lab seeks highly motivated students who have demonstrated an interest in motivation, reward and addiction from a behavioral neuroscience perspective and are early in their academic career (preferably sophomores and juniors). Priority for limited positions is given to individuals who demonstrate success in Motivation and Reward (NS&B 227), Behavioral Neurobiology (NS&B 213), Research Methods (e.g. but not limited to PSYC 215), and Statistics (e.g., PSYC 200; SPSS statistical software). Students must be willing to work with rodents, be self-motivated and enthusiastic, demonstrate critical and analytical thinking, and show an interest in experimental design.

Students with an interest in the lab are strongly encouraged to take Research Methods: Behavioral Methods in Animal Research (PSYC 215) and/or Lab in Gambling, Drugs and Junk-Food (PSYC 399).

Opportunities to participate in the lab take many forms including enrolling in the lab’s research course or an independent tutorial, serving as a lab assistant, applying for a paid summer position, or through shadowing.  For exceptional students, there is also the possibility of writing an honors thesis or a Masters thesis (BA/MA), however prior experience in the lab is generally required.  All lab members must have flexible hours and be willing to commit a minimum of 10 hours per week to the lab.  The best way to find out about opportunities is to download and complete the attached Robinson Lab Involvement Questionnaire below and email it along with a copy of your CV/resume and unofficial transcript to

Robinson Lab Involvement Questionnaire

Please note that you may need to download the form and open it with Acrobat Reader or a different browser for it to allow you to enter and save your answers.